Thoughts for the day..


I normally do everything in my power to avoid the Daily Fail, but I do like to look at the pictures when my head is too full to read words. They’ve come up trumps this week! Two amazingly thought provoking photographic articles that have given me some real food for thought.

1. Therapists’ Chairs

Saul Robbins took photos of a number of American therapists’ chairs – from the position of the client. For some reason this really tickled me! Both because I’m a nosy parker and love seeing inside other people’s lives! And secondly because when I showed my boyfriend, he asked me what T1/T2’s chairs were like and I realised that I couldn’t even put a bet on the colour! Let alone style etc… I’m pretty certain they have wooden arms and I think they’re blue…. or green…?! Gosh, how distracted must I be in therapy….. This article started a really interesting discussion on a forum about our T’s offices and what we’d like if we could totally pimp them out… Amazing 🙂 what a good idea for a project.

2. PTSD Masks

I think these are amazing. I wish I was creative enough to do this – a few of us are thinking about trying but I wouldn’t know where to start? What a fantastic representation of what goes on inside our heads. I love them. Maybe I’ll start with a picture instead…



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