Feeling This


Ended with T1 today. Well, more paused. Super rough session.

Really feeling it.

Came home, used up the eggs my sort of father in law brought down when they visited. Mm, cookies.

Had a shower and drew butterflies whilst they cooked and cooled.

Picked up cookie (Hummingbird Bakery recipe btw, foolproof and perfect!), prepared to eat, bent over to free Puppy from the teatowel he’d got caught in… Only for him to take huge mouthful out of my cookie.

Laughed until I cried, then cried myself back to laughing again. I love my dogs. And I’m going to be ok.




2 responses »

    • They are 🙂 particularly a puppy so squishy 😀

      I will be ok. Struggling with today’s session, need to write it out I think, feel like I did loads wrong. Wish my head would just shut up for like 3 mins!!!!

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