A Post that Seems Like It’s Going to Be about Cats, But Isn’t.


I cried reading this. The end paragraphs about leaping straight to drawing blood are just so, so true.


It’s really not fair.

imagejpeg_6 - Copy

Old age has made her weirdly docile. You’ll see there’s a stuffed elephant there also. That’s because I tried the elephant first.

In fact, the fire alarm went off twice in my building–they’re doing some work and messed about with the wrong wires, I guess. Anyway, it was screeching away. I didn’t know if it was a “real” alarm or not; the guy who used to put things on the stove and then wander off to sleep or shower or have sex seems to have moved out, and they hadn’t warned us about testing anything today, so it might have been.

So I picked her up, covered her ears with one hand, and set about putting on my shoes with the other. That’s when the alarm went silent.

But in earlier days, she would have been under the bed in a heartbeat. With a loud noise…

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