Sad Shower


This made me cry. How I need someone like this in my life right now.


Dear Dad,

After this week, you’d be proud of your son. Mum would too if if I ever tell her, which I won’t. I’m not so sure how I feel about it. Embarrassed? Ashamed? Definitely shamed.

I made contact with Mum this week. Finally.

I’m fine. The text message began. But I’m pissed about the counselling ambush. I didn’t deserve it and you had no right. I need some time away from you.

And I assume she finally listened because she stopped coming round. After seven days of being hounded I finally got some peace. For three days I enjoyed it—as much as you can when your mind turns to the surreal, trapped in that state between awake and asleep. I don’t remember much of those three days. Some times I woke up and the sun was blazing through the blinds, other times it was dark, slashes of street light…

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