Which Numbers = Breakdown?


1 x Lycra shorts.
1 x mad dash from work.
2 x bottle of water.
1 x spinning class.
10 x better people.
1 x calorie counter.

45 x minutes cycling.
18 x km cycled.
1 x 100% given.

223 x calories burned.
60 calories in 1 Jaffa cake.
I’ve half killed myself for 3.72 Jaffa cakes?

1 x sobbing mess.
10 x crying “I’ll always be a whale”
1 x dinner.
5 x purges.
75 x kg last week.
How many tomorrow?

1 x prayer that it will get better than this. That I will be skinnier than this.

1 x wish that the numbers will stop being important eventually.



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  1. 😦 Those calorie counters are awful – inaccurate, and make the effort seem totally not worth it. My personal trainer used to tell people off for saying things like “Just ran off half a Rich Tea biscuit. Hip-hip-hur-bloody-ray!”

    Working that hard, cycling that far, keeping hydrated with two bottles of water – these are all good for you! They will have their effects, if you stand back and just let your body change at its own pace. My new gym says it takes at least 6 weeks to see a change in your own body, 10 weeks for friends and family to notice, and 14 weeks for relative strangers to see the change.

    Stay safe m’lovely.

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