Exercised for an hour and was 0.08st HEAVIER after than before.

Purged all the water I drunk but that’s still 0.04st heavier.

Someone sciencey please tell me it’s not making me fat.

Sheer panic.


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  1. Follow Kat’s instructions above!
    Our body weight is subject to fluctuations and it’s perfectly normal. Your body is retaining water so that it doesn’t get dehydrated.
    Please trust the science / biological factors rather than the completely irrational voice of the illness. I know how incredibly difficult it is to do that… I really do.
    Hope you can at least feel a little reassured that this is not ‘real’ weight.


    • Thanks xx I’m sat in the bath now (lights off, obviously) reading wordpress and trying to convince myself that the science is true! It’s such a ridiculously tiny amount, but grrr! Weight be gone.

      Think I might blowdry my hair properly when I get out, make an effort to feel prettier than the illness will allow. x

      • Not an easy task. At least he’s getting out of that situation. Plus…it sounds like he has you to fall back on if it gets overwhelming. Having a place to turn (with love) is likely the best thing you could give him. πŸ™‚ Very cool.

      • Whoops…wrong reply to the wrong blog. Please forgive me? I do tend to hang onto those things too. It’ll go. Just takes time. πŸ™‚

  2. Folk are right! Plus the sweat lost is often in the weight of your clothes, rather than completely evaporated, then add on what you drink to hydrate. The body can’t turn exercise into weight loss straight away – essentially you make the muscles hungry, and if you don’t have enough calories in your diet to feed them, they’ll break down fat tissue for spare energy. Exercise is healthy and good, and body shape and size is more important than weight (especially if muscle building, as muscle weighs more). No need to panic, no need to purge, and no need to stop being thoroughly hydrated πŸ™‚

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