Day One


My relationship of 7 years ended yesterday.

We have lived together for most of that time, in his house, so I will have to move out. I’ve never paid a bill, organised finances, lived on my own. I have to leave my dogs, my home, my family I’ve created in him and his family. Everything.

I’m looking at a blank slab of cold, empty concrete and wondering how I can possibly rebuild. Where do I even lay the first brick?

Answers on a postcard please.




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  1. That is a very difficult road you have ahead of you. It seems so cruel that you are the one who seems to be losing so much. Do you have somewhere to go? Can you at least take your dog?

    • I can’t take my dogs as I will have to move into rented accommodation and that’s not fair for two high energy boys. I will still get to see them and love them and spoil them, just in more of a broken home way!

      Long road. Hard road. And the tears won’t stop falling.

      • I had a similar experience a few years ago, it takes time….. I am pleased you can still have contact with the “boys”

  2. Let the tears fall. And for now take each hour as it presents itself. You’ve survived through many horrendous experiences; you will be okay in the end. Hold on tight. xx

    • Thank you. The eye leakage really won’t stop! It just carries on as I’m going about my day, lol. Woken up and I appear to have been leaking over my pillow all night!!! I literally am taking this hourly. Sometimes minutely. Is that a word? Xx

  3. Oh goodness…I’ve been where you are. Married to a man and when things ended I just ran…left my house, my beloved dog, all of everything. It was a hard start, getting life underway again but it did happen and I ended up in a much better place.

    Thinking of you. I know I can’t help you but I’d like to….will keep you in my thoughts.

  4. All I can tell you is that Day 1 is the worst. It’s up and down from there. It’s hard and it’s slow and painful, but I can promise you won’t feel as bad as you feel right now again. I’m three months in and still completely at a loss as to all the questions and how I’m going to move on. So give yourself plenty of time. It will get easier. Just slowly. Take care of yourself x

    • Thank you! Day 2 is turning out pretty shocking too but at least my eyes aren’t leaking quite so much.

      I am, however, back in bed at 4.30pm because I cannot face life right now…..

      Supporting you, thanks for the encouragement!


      • It’s awful, I know. I spent about a week in bed. Just do what your body tells you to do. I still sometimes come home from work and go straight to bed because I don’t want to be awake. My friends and my blog (and my therapist!) have honestly kept me going. Get lots of rest and just keep breathing. It’s all you can do for now, unfortunately. x

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