Because Who is Perfect: Changing the Cultural View of the Body


Love this. How amazing would it be to have a model of yourself to look at from every angle… Surely you would see yourself as a whole, something so inherently loveable, instead of scrutinising parts in the mirror.

Rose with Thorns

What should a body look like? That question has been answered in different ways other the years. Arms should be sculpted and brawny to do hard labor. Stomachs round out to show wealth or cave in to exhibit self-control. Pasty skin was ideal, but tan skin is now luxurious. Wigs, light hair, fake teeth, white molars, rosy cheeks, clear skin – we are always changing our thoughts about what the human body should look like ideally.

However, we are all built differently. How can you tell a Korean person to look like a French one? Why is a short girl less beautiful than a woman with long legs? Is that man with bulging muscles really better built than the guy with a normal frame? Why can’t we value the differences in our appearances instead of trying to live up to an ever changing ideal?

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