Happy 1st Birthday, Blog (and 200th post!)


Anniversaries are important to me. They are a milestone, a grounding point in a journey which can so often feel disconnected and intangible. This post is my 200th post, and it also happens to fall on the 1st birthday of my little blog 🙂

100 posts ago, I wrote this post. I was a little concerned about reading back through it today, because my life is massively different. I was so relieved to see that I haven’t let myself down. I wrote that I was beginning to feel empowered and, 100 posts on, I continue to feel this. I can’t always act on it, and sometimes life feels like a never-ending slog of drama and painful emotions, but I am so proud of myself for the way I have grabbed hold of my life in the year that has passed since starting this blog. I have my degree, my job, my new friends, my new single life, my first place… the list goes on and on. But most importantly, even in the very worst moments of therapy, I am working hard every minute and I am healing. Slowly, oh so slowly, but I am. And this blog has been fundamentally important in helping me learn to express myself coherently enough that I can get the rot inside, out.

So, happy birthday, little blog. I still don’t entirely understand WordPress, and I definitely don’t understand my life! But I am getting there. Thanks for documenting the journey. x



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  1. Happy anniversary m’lovely! It’s been a pleasure to follow your journey here, see how much stronger you are, and to know that this blog serves as a great marker of your progress to you personally. Here’s to all the progress ahead of your next anniversary 🙂

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