What’s in a Number?


Waiting. Counting. Always waiting and counting.

The Infinite Fountain

28 Today is the 28 th of April. Not a particularly significant date other than it marks four months since our beautiful boy died. Why should this day mean more than any of the previous 121 days since that dreadful 28 th ? Why do we place such import on specific dates? When it is a holiday or a noteworthy milestone in our lives, we tend to want to commemorate it, or in the case of a happy event, a birthday or an anniversary, we celebrate it joyously, (usually). If we memorialize a sad occurrence, a death or similar tragedy, we acknowledge it with somber decorum, perhaps a tasteful ceremony. We assign arbitrary segments of time, weeks, months, years, as meaningful intervals, and denote a particular day as one to be recognized. In my case, as time passes, it has started to even out. Each day since Jake died is just one more day…

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