Ouch. So true.

Nodus Tollens

Do you ever feel like you’re addicted to a certain type of pain? The pain is familiar to you, and you’d rather feel that than anything else unfamiliar. No, it’s best to feel pain you’ve felt before.

I’m addicted to the feeling of disappointment. I constantly set myself up for it, especially when it comes to friendships.

I wear myself out with relationships. I’m aware that I give so much more than I take, but for some reason it doesn’t matter. I expect nothing, but at the same time I expect to receive just as much, which seems like such a high expectation because of how much of myself I actually give to the other person. It makes me weary and resentful.

As I try to cultivate new friendships, I feel even more self-conscious than usual. I want so badly for the other person to like me that I constantly…

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