I am trying hard to be so
Whilst you stand on the beach,
Feet soothed and soft in the sand,
Hair brushed back by the breeze.
Singing at me
Swim, swim, learn to swim.
No more than milimetres from me but still
Further than a fingertip away.
Mine outstretched but yours,
Yours are tucked into your pockets,
Curled around your trinkets of gold:
Love, safety, needs met.
Yours are not struggling to meet mine,
Why should they?
You already have all you need,
Right at your fingertips.
It was never my job to save you, you say,
You have to learn to save yourself.
But how do I learn to do what is so
How do I save myself when
Taking a overwhelming gasp of sea water,
Watching the sunlight dance as I sink
Away from you.
How do I save myself,
When sinking is so much




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