A Beautiful Conversation.


My boss from last year is an inspirational lady, who took me under her wing and sheltered me, helped me grow and watched my start to fly at the very beginning of my career. She left my workplace a few months ago, and I was utterly heartbroken. She has been a real mother figure to me and I didn’t want to lose that connection.

We’ve kept in touch, and today I went to see her for a catch up, a gossip, and a bit of TLC. It was so lovely to have a hug, spend some time chatting very honestly about life and just be with her again. But the reason I’m writing a blog post about this is because she truly warmed my heart with something she said.

She shared a little about her own background, after I had said some more about mine (she has known from quite early on about my childhood, in fragments, but I was much more open and honest today than I have been before). I won’t share her story, obviously, but this is what she said, “people like us often seem to take longer to grow up. You’re having to learn to do everything yourself, without being taught, so it’s really hard. You might not grow up until you’re 40. But you will get there, even if it takes you a bit longer than it takes other people, don’t compare yourself because you have a harder job. But you will get there. Think what you’ve survived when others might not have – you’re obviously meant to be here. There’s a reason for it – you’ve just got to find out what that reason is.”

Oh, just love her.

Feeling that familiar attachment pain tonight, that dull ache that always happens after I’ve been warmed by that love I longed for forever. But I’m taking comfort from the thought that this incredibly inspirational woman battled through some similar things to me, and now has friends, hobbies, she travels, she has grown up children she is close to and this brilliantly outstanding career… she gives me faith that I will get there. It might take time, but it will happen. She genuinely wants me to succeed and that warmth of her goodwill is just so lovely. What a nice end to a stressful week at work 🙂



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