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I love this post. It is so very true, that these parts of us are just parts, they do not define us. A very inspirational post to read on a Friday evening 🙂


glueMy boy, Chris, has just started school. I queue up with all the other parents in the afternoon, eager to see their little faces emerge, all excited from the days events (although when asked, they say they did nothing). The parents are also eager to talk to one another. My boy has made best friends with a little boy called Albie. I talk with his mother, who is new to the area and doesn’t really know anybody. She seems like a lovely lady which shows through her little boy. I asked if I could take her boy out to the Zoo one day with my Chris for his birthday. She was happy to accept.

This lady is trusting her precious boy with a stranger. I know that I would take very good care of Albie and I’m sure that he and Chris will have a fantastic day out. Although part…

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