Somewhere Only We Know


So why don’t we go, somewhere only we know?

The Keane song was playing as I drove home from T tonight. Quick post from me as I’m exhausted, but this lyric made me want to post.

She is her and I am me.

I know her, she knows me. We sit, share space, our words dancing together like two ballroom dancers, a long term pairing- every footfall and arm movement is either in response or preparation, through intimate knowledge of each other’s routines and rhythms. She knows when I am just pausing to think, and she knows when I have run out of words and need her to speak for me. I know when she is taking the time to form her thoughts, and when she is waiting patiently for me to speak. “You know me” T said today. We know each other.

That place where only we go. Where blankets and rabbits and foxes are welcome, where storybooks and games of peekaboo are just as common as debates and existential discussions. That place where my fingers curl around her, pulling the fabric of her into my palm and her love into my heart. That place where she wraps herself around me when I am frozen, protecting and bolstering me with her care. The place where cuddles with T, me, Rabbit, Fox and a blanket covering all of us, heals the broken.

“You know I am going away, but you know I am coming back. And you know that I care. I really care.”

That place where promises are kept, love is treasured and hearts are nurtured. That place, head tucked into her shoulder whilst she runs her thumb over the back of my hand. That place where she squeezes me tighter when things hurt.

I am so blessed. I am so, so blessed. She is a blessing. An indescribable, magical, beautiful blessing.

So why don’t we go, somewhere only we know?



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