Imaginary Mum.


Imaginary Mum is so excited about my wedding. All her friends know about it and she has loads of details to share with them because she’s been involved with all the planning. She hasn’t got TOO involved or been demanding, though, because she trusts me and values my opinions. 

Imaginary Mum has lots of little wedding surprises planned. None of them are big or show offy, but they are all deeply sentimental. Some of them she has been thinking about since I was tiny – Imaginary Mum knows this is a huge transitional moment for me and is proud to show her emotions around this. 

Imaginary Mum cried when she saw my dress. She can’t wait for all the photos so she can plaster them all over her office and house and show off about me. She’s not made a single negative comment about my body and was a huge support at all the trials and fittings for the wedding. 

Imaginary Mum is keen to share with me her wisdoms about marriage, and life. Nothing is always perfect but she’s respectful and romantic about her relationship when giving me advice. We’ve had lots of chats, filled with warmth and her desire to build me up as a strong, capable woman, wife and mother. 

Imaginary Mum is immensely proud of me. She tells me, but she shows me too. The wedding is the pinacle of her pride in me so far – seeing me begin my own little family with an amazing man brings her immense pride in me. 

There are millions of little things Imaginary Mum does. She loves to spend time with me, she texts me when she sees things that remind her of me, she comes to be by my side when I am poorly and she always, always shows me her love. Always. Even if we fought or disagreed, and even when we were both busy, her love for me would never be in doubt.

She doesn’t exist, though. And so it is.


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  1. What is imaginary for you should have been real. And in time, it may be. I can hear through your words the type of mother you will be. I am proud of you for opening yourself up to starting a family. You are amazing.

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