My ‘Therapist of the Bride’ Card…


Dear T, 

Hopefully you will open this on … and I will be getting married today! In amongst all the planning for the day it felt really important to me to be able to thank the people who have made it possible for me to be healthy, secure and happy enough for this day to be happening. So, this is my thank you…

When I first met you I was terrified of the dark – and of my life. I slept with a light on at night and I stayed inside, instead of risking being out alone in the darkness. I’m not sure we talked about that specific fear, but since then, we’ve talked about many other metaphorical darknesses. You changed my view of night time. You heard me – you listened and held me and made me feel less alone in the dark. You took the darkness in my life and helped me fill it with so many beautiful, bright stars – when I look back at all that has been made possible with your support, I feel so much gratitude and pride for all I’ve achieved – all those things are now bright stars in my sky. Throughout all our work, you have turned the night into a time for marvelling at the stars.

When I saw this card and heart it reminded me of us and seemed especially apt because my wedding feels like a place to pause and acknowledge all the beautiful parts of my life – the stars which surround me. Because of you, now when I’m driving home in the dark or I wake in the night, I see the stars before I see the darkness. They remind me of you and I am always filled with warmth and love and a connection to you. To me, you are one of the brightest stars in my sky.

You’ve read me the line in the book so many times, where Big Bear takes Little Bear to see the stars, a reminder that light is all around. He falls asleep in the starlight, holding the safety of both the stars and Big Bear in his heart. I love that this rabbit has one bright star held closely in his heart – this is how I feel today. We are apart but you are held so close to my heart. My ‘something new’ today is a bracelet with a rabbit and some stars – he is running towards the stars, chasing them, and I love him because he reminds me of what you’ve taught me – to look for the stars.

My wedding day is a day for gratitude – for lying back and watching the stars. I know that today, because of all your love, warmth and endless support, I am blessed. I can often feel the contradictions within myself – the darkness and the stars – but I know that you have been the support and guidance which has helped shape me in spite of that and made it possible for everything to feel so very beautiful.

With much love and gratitude, today and always,

Me x


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  1. So beautiful! She’ll be in tears reading that… and the gift? Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful wedding day, congratulations again xx

  2. this is beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. your both so lucky to have one another in your lives. and i love that book you mentioned about little bear and the stars. xxx

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