The Last Professional to Thank… 


Dear GP, 

Hopefully you will open this on the… and I will be getting married today! In amongst all the planning for the day it felt really important to me to be able to thank the people who have made it possible for me to be healthy, secure and happy enough for this day to be happening. So, this is my thank you…

When I first met you, my life was one big storm and I felt like the smallest boat on the water. Thunder and lightning, chaos and waves of trouble so big they were destroying me. I was lost at sea and I felt like I didn’t know where to begin with steadying my ship. Everything was a swirling mess of chaos and I was drowning. I knew I needed help to take control but even the options for help themselves were terrifying. Then we met and the first thing I remember about you was how calm, strong and steady you were. You made me feel safe. First, there were some waves you got in front of, which crashed onto you so they passed me by. Then there were some waves you stood by me and guided me through as they rocked me – I was safe because you were still there, even though I was starting to be in control. Some of them turned from terrifying to exciting once you’d helped me see them differently. Now, there are some waves I navigate all by myself, and when I prepare to, I feel safe because of all you have taught me and the belief you hold in me.

When (future husband) met me for the first time, he met somebody who had already been taught how to manage rough waters, how to stay strong and rise above, and how to sail her own ship. Our relationship exists in part because of the support and guidance you’d shown to the girl on the water terrified of everything. Our marriage is my greatest adventure so far and it comforts and strengthens me to know that our vows to each other will be said to the background noise of the waves against the cliff we will be stood on – there is something  incredibly poetic in the reminder of how far I have come, and how far we can go together.

My wedding day is a day for gratitude – I know that today, because of all your positive energy, integrity and unwavering support, we’re here and it’s amazing! I can often feel the contradictions within myself – the excitement and fear of the waves – but I know that you have been the person who has taught me to sail on in spite of that, and made it possible for everything to feel so very beautiful.

With much love and gratitude, today and always,

Me x


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